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"Basically, you're a high-tech, web-enabled, plugged in, twenty-first century pigeon fancier."

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Pigeons and Technology

Palm Pilot Pigeon

You're a pigeon person. Maybe you fly homers or rollers. Perhaps you show fancies. You're a computer person, too. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, right? You use your computer and the internet in conjunction with your hobby to access pigeon news, weather forecasts, road maps and to email your pigeon buddies. Maybe you also use racing or loft management software to keep track of your birds' performance, and health and breeding records. Even if you aren't using specialized pigeon software, maybe you've designed your own system using a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or a database program like Microsoft Access. Basically, you're a high-tech, web-enabled, plugged in, twenty-first century pigeon fancier.

Now all this computerization is great when you're at your desk, but what about when you are out in the loft, on a training toss, at a show, at the racing clubhouse, or anywhere else for that matter? Wouldn't it be great if you could carry all your race and show schedules, pedigrees, health histories, breeding records, racing records and contacts in your pocket? Well, I'm sure it's no surprise to you twenty-first century pigeon people that you can do all of this. All you need is the right gadget. What gadget? The Palm, of course.

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