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The Source Of Race Horses of the Sky!

Please note that neither I, Scott Redd, nor interBUG Web Marketing And Design are the authors of this information. The source of these pages is a brochure published by The American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc. Full credit goes to the ARPU for the content on this site. Please visit their site at

The decision to create these web pages based from the brochure was sparked by my frustration at not being able to locate any introductory material on the web about pigeon racing. Various web searches on the subject brought me very detailed information about pigeon medication, how to spot a good bird by looking at it's eyes, various gripes and complaints about things such as clocks, low club memberships, etc... but nothing for an absolute beginner wanting to learn more! Perhaps such information does exist, but it didn't reveal itself to me when I went looking.

I found a local racing club and obtained some brochures on the sport. Others may not have access to a local club, so it is my hope that reproducing the information here, along with giving the web search engines good keywords and descriptions to work with, will allow other beginners like me to discover more about the sport.

Please direct any comments to

I may also be reached via the ICQ Network at 1322846. If you are not on the ICQ Network, you may still reach me instantly via my ICQ WWWPager. Please click here for more information about ICQ.

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