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Racing Pigeon Fanciers are good neighbors and citizens. Through their affiliation with the American Racing Pigeon Union and The American Homing Pigeon Institute, they have available a repository of Homing Pigeons for use by our Armed Forces in times of national emergency. There still could be times of widespread power outages, and disaster when this is the only option for communications. Fanciers also provide a network of message carrying, lifesaving, ability to the Red Cross and Civil Defense organizations. The Racing Homer Club in your area can also provide the following community services: Young racers showing off their winner's plaques.
  • Youth Programs with Pigeons
  • School presentations, including videos
  • Civic presentations
  • Special videos for public television
  • Pigeon releases for special events
  • Pigeons for T.V. commercial production
  • Innovative fundraising programs for charities

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