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The Pigeon Mailing List for your Palm or Windows CE handheld device

3Com Palm III

Palm III

If you have a 3Com Palm Organizer (models include Palm Pilot, Palm III, Palm V, Palm VII) or a Windows CE palm-sized PC or handheld PC, then you can use this web page to download archives of the Pigeon Mailing List to your PDA for truly offline reading. 

(The PML is a daily internet mailing list dedicated to the discussion of domesticated pigeons, both fancy pigeons and racing homing pigeons.)

Now the next time you're sitting in that boring staff meeting, stuck in traffic, or waiting for your birds during a race, you can pull out your PDA and browse the list in the palm of your hand!


Philips Nino 500 (Windows CE)
Philips Nino 500

The archives are delivered to you as a downloadable DOC file which you install on your PDA and read using an Aportis compatable DOC viewer.  DOC viewers for the Palm OS can be downloaded at Eurocool (my favorite Palm software site) or  DOC viewers for Windows CE are probably available at, but I can't say for sure, as I am a Palm user.

If you'd rather download or view a plain text file of the archive, please visit the main PML Archives page.

I'm a fan of DOC files.  There are all sorts of things to read which are ready to install on the Palm... novels, references, short stories, and much more.   For more DOC titles, see Memoware - The PDA Document Repository

Please send email to if you have any questions or comments about this service.  I'll be glad to give any advice or help that I can in relation to usage on the Palm line of PDAs.


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