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Welcome to the interBUG Pigeon People Database.

The purpose of this database is to help pigeon fanciers get into touch with one another. It is also my hope that newcomers to the sport of pigeon racing and pigeon fancying could use this database to find someone local to them to help them get started.

If you are an experienced flyer and wouldn't mind opening your loft to someone interested in the sport, please take the time to add your name to this index. If you're a beginner, or just curious about the sport, please add your name, as well. Perhaps someone local to you will look you up and give you a call.

Database Functions

Users of the Palm line of handheld computers will be able to easily sync the database records returned from their search by using the exciting new Coola technology.

Coola allows easy synchronization of addresses, phone numbers, calendar entries, and memos from the internet to the Palm. Best of all, it's free! Please visit their web site for more details, or to become a Coola user.

For corrections or deletions, please send an email to Scott (

This interactive index was inspired by the Worldwide Open House by Mr. Jim Reynaert of the Racing Pigeon Support Web at

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