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Pigeons in the Media: Local Radio Show Call-In

A talk radio show provides an excellent opportunity for pigeon fanciers to get the word out about our fascinating hobby. When discussing my hobby with others, it never ceases to amaze me how many people simply don't know that people fly and race homing pigeons. Even the slightest mention about racing pigeons presented to a potential audience of thousands, in the case of a local show, or millions in the case of a national show, could go a long way in planting the seed of interest in a future fancier. Or, at least, in educating the non-fancier public about what their pigeon-fancier neighbors are doing.

Recently I was listening to a local show that lets people call in with questions about their plants, gardens, and lawns. The show had a guest who was an expert on wild birds, bird watching, feeding, and the like. I thought this might be a great opportunity to call in and just mention the sport of racing homing pigeons. I waited on hold for nearly an hour and finally got one and a half minutes of fame.

After I made my point, the host disconnected the call, exchanged a few positive comments about the call with the guest, and went on to another call. The main focus of that day's show was about wild birds, so I can understand why they might not want to spend too much time talking about racing homers, but I still felt like I had used the topic and forum of the show to put in a good word for our fancy.

If you, as a fancier, ever find yourself presented with a similar opportunity, I suggest you do the same: jot down a few notes, take a deep breath, and tell the world, or your little part of it, about the wonder and adventure of racing, homing, and show pigeons. If you can manage to record it, send it to me and I'll post it online here at my site.

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