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Homing Pigeons Mentioned on National Talk Radio Show

On the October 19, 2000 edition of the Coast To Coast AM talk radio show, the host, Mike Siegel, interviewed author Howard Bloom about his book, The Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind From the Big Bang to the 21st Century.

The concept of the collective mind intrigues me, and I sometimes wonder if our pigeons are able to pick up on something like this. Seeing birds and insects flock especially makes me think this way.

Just before the show started, I sent in a fax to the host asking him to present some questions to Mr. Bloom. I started the recorder and went to bed and didn't get around to listening to the show for several days. To my surprise, the letter was read and answered on the air to a potential audience of millions! Unfortunately, Mr. Bloom did not address the question from the collective mind point of view, but rather, went into a scientific, but interesting nonetheless, explanation of the homing ability.

I've placed the three-minute recording here to share with the people who did not get a chance to hear it on the air. I've also placed a copy of the original fax here, as well.

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