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Pigeons in the Media: Jeep Commercial

Tagline: "The affordable Jeep Cherokee. How will you send in your low monthly payment?"

This commercial for the Jeep Cherokee, originally airing in the fall of 2000, features a man sending in his monthly payment via a messenger pigeon from a remote mountain. The pigeon delivers the check presumably to the bank or finance company where a clerk, in a room filled with other homers, removes the check from the message capsule on the bird's leg.

The commercial was beautifully scored and filmed, and overall, goes a long way to showcase the homing pigeon hobby in a positive light. The methods of handling the messenger pigeon, attaching the check, and receiving the delivery seem technically accurate and well researched.

Kudos to the Jeep company for producing such a positive and beautiful commercial featuring homing pigeons.

Jeep Cherokee Commercial

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* Jeep and Jeep Cherokee are registered trademarks of DaimlerChrysler

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