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An Internet RFC (Request For Comments) is the way standards are proposed and set on the internet. Some years ago David Waitzman proposed an RFC to create a standard for the transmission of IP datagrams on avian cariers.

You can find the RFC1149 here.

As exciting as this RFC is, it had sat dormant since 1990. Finally, after eleven years, a group of Norwegian internet professionals (Bergen Lunix User's Group), in cooperation with a local pigeon racer (Vesta Brevdueforening) , successfully implemented and tested the CPIP (Carrier Pigeon Internet Protocol). The relative low cost and robustness of the CPIP promises to bring the internet to places too remote and isolated to be serviced by the more traditional wire, microwave and satellite based internet providers.

Visit the BLUG CPIP site to learn more about the historical first CPIP test. There are pictures, technical data and logs available for peer review. You can also download the Linux software to set up your own CPIP node.

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