interBUG Palm Information
The following Palm applications and services are available for your use:
The Pigeon People Database (PPDB) is a user-supported database of racing, fancy, hobby and pet pigeon enthusiasts from all over the world. The PigeonPeople PQA will allow you to search this database from the convenience of your wireless-enabled Palm handheld computer.

Visit the interBUG Homing Pigeon Information Website for more information about the Pigeon People Database, and about the exciting sport and hobby of racing pigeons.

Download the Pigeon People PQA here.
Download PigeonPeople.pqa

Wireless Palm VII (and compatable) users can utilize the C2CAM.pqa application to get information about the Coast To Coast AM radio show, hosts, upcoming topics, and call-in/contact information. A station locator search will also provide you with a list of radio stations in your local area. A listener chat enables users to write messages to one another in real time.

January 29, 2003: v1.0.0: New program to replace the old ArtBell.pqa. Art Bell retired and George Noory took over January 1, 2003.

Visit the Official Coast To Coast AM Website for more information about the show.

Download the C2CAM PQA here.
Download C2CAM.pqa



Uzu tiun cxi programon por babiladi senkable en Esperanto per via Palm VII (aux similaj sistemoj).

La programo Babilejo interligas kun la Esperanta babilejo, "Karelia Babilejo", cxe Pro la fakto ke la Karelia Babilejo ankaux interligas kun aliajn IRC-ajn babilejojn, vi povas babili kun multaj amikoj de iu ajn loko kie vi havas Palmo VII-an servon.

Tio estas nova


2002-10-02 Versio 1.1. Korektis erarojn, adaptigis interlabori kun sxangxoj cxe Karelia Babilejo.

2001-12-31 Unua versio, 1.0.


This is a program for wirelessly chatting in Esperanto on your Palm VII (or similar systems).

The Babilejo program interfaces with the Esperanto chatroom, Karelia Babilejo, at Since the Karelia Babilejo also interfaces with other IRC-based chatrooms, you are able to chat with many frinds from anywhere you have Palm VII service.

What's New

2002-10-02 Version 1.1. Corrected errors, adapted to work with new changes at the Karelia Babilejo.

2001-12-31 First version, 1.0.

Download the Esperanto Babilejo PQA here.
Download Babilejo.pqa



Tiu cxi PQA estas dulingva vortaro. Uzu gxin por traduki vortojn de/al angla kaj Esperanta.

This PQA is a two-language doctionary. Use this for translating from/to English and Esperanto.
Download the Vortaro PQA here.
Download Vortaro.pqa



Tiu cxi programo akiras cxiutagajn aktualajxojn de Radio Polonia kaj prezentas gxin sur via senkabla Palm.

This PQA aquires the daily news (in Esperanto) from Radio Polonia (Poland) and displays it on your wireless Palm.
Download the Novajxoj PQA here.
Download Novajxoj.pqa
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